About the WYSG
Hello and welcome to the WYSG!

You've found the UK's longest established punting website.
We started way back in 1997 and we plan to stay around for a long time to come - so pull up a chair and join us!

So...how and why does the WYSG differ to other punting websites - and why has it survived so long when so many other sites have failed?
Well, we ultimately share the same kind of content as other sites, but we can give you a few key reasons:

We have a panel experienced WYSG members who scrutinise and discuss all reports and who help to ensure that the WYSG only publishes well written, impartial and authentic content.
We have a unique scoring system which allows us to show ranking Leaderboards of the best service providers. This has evolved over many years and it has seen many refinements - and it works really well!
We do not tolerate troublemakers, bullies or mysogynists. We've seen some awful behaviour on other websites by both men and women who hide behind their keyboards and insult or threaten others - this does not happen on the WYSG.
We constantly develop this website and we strive to quickly deal with to any issues or problems. We have software and web developers who help us to keep the website up-to-date and working smoothly.

Although we technically cover the whole of the UK, most of our information and expertise centres around the Yorkshire and Manchester regions - primarily because most of our members originate from these areas. However, we warmly welcome new members and reports from pretty much anywhere!

People often ask us why some other punting review websites appear to have more members and more reports. Well firstly, we regularly prune our inactive users and so we keep our total list of members down. Secondly, we reject quite a lot of badly written or heavily biased reports - or those which we believe are written by the ladies themselves, or by people acting on their behalf. We can't promise to always get it right, but we do believe that we get a lot closer to honesty and integrity than some other punting websites out there.

One more thing...what does WYSG stand for? Simple, it stands for "West Yorkshire Sex Guide" - the original name of the site which we decided to abbreviate to WYSG so that we could have a UK wide presence. It also apparently means the "River Usk" in Welsh... we'll have to challenge them for the Wikipedia page one day.

So...there you have it. Welcome aboard. For a good starting place, you could go on over to the WYSG forum - the real social hub of this site...register an account and get chatting - you'll find it a great way to meet other people and share news and views!