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NEW Dominatrix Raven X

Postby BunniesOfLeeds » Tue Mar 12, 2019 22:12 pm!-raven

Raven is a fiery dominatrix who knows how to get the best from her submissives.

She has a very open personality and wishes to draw your deepest desires out of you, making you feel like you can tell her anything, confess your fantasies and trust in her to dominate.

Raven loves to see her submissives vulnerable, loyal and happy to be in her service. She expects a level of gratitude for her dominance and control. Once she receives your dedication, Raven will reward.

She believes, as the dominatrix, she holds the responsibility of fulfilling you. This requires your honesty and she will know if you are not truly open to her.

Like any good dominatrix, Raven understands that everyone is different and she will adjust your training accordingly.

Fiery Raven is a dominatrix with a heart, Just be open and she will reveal herself to you.

Bunnies x

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