We have a strict set of rules and policies on the WYSG which the site owners and senior moderators preside over. The senior moderators will discuss site members who break the rules and act accordingly. The severity of the breach of the rules will determine the scale of the response, from a minor warning, through to a temporary suspension, a permanent site ban and even police involvement.
Site rules and policies
Updated 1st January 2022
1.   Legalities
a.   Do not post or link to illegal material on this site
b.   Do not disclose or threaten to disclose any "real life" details of any person who has not publicly chosen to make such information available on other reputable sources
c.   Do not suggest that any individual, or individuals associated with a particular parlour or agency use or provide illegal substances
d.   Do not discuss under age sex or escorts below the age of 18
e.   Do not speculate upon or debate the details of ongoing or unresolved police or legal matters
f.   Do not suggest that any particular lady or ladies working either independently or for a particular parlour or agency works under duress or the control of a third party
g.   In compliance with GDPR, all registered site members consent for us to store their username, email address and IP address and we will remove this information immediately should they request us to do so.
2.   Forum integrity and behaviour
a.   Do not share your forum log in details with anybody else or allow any other person to use or view forum content when you log in
b.   Do not register more than one forum account without knowledge of and permission from the site owners
c.   Do not disclose or discuss information from a private forum section with anyone who does not have access to that section - this includes sharing the content of reports that they cannot see
d.   Do not use the WYSG forum or WYSG personal messaging system to send abusive, intimidating, insulting or threatening messages to any other member of this site
e.   Do not demonstrate a cantankerous, belligerent or flippant attitude towards site policy, content, direction or leadership
f.   Do not post in such a manner as to offend or belittle other site members or undermine / discourage their efforts to participate
g.   Do not exchange personally directed banter with other forum members on the public forums, including referencing private jokes or using cliquey comments which exclude others
h.   Do not attempt to create forum division or make a stand against site rules, direction or policy
3.   Posting style and content
a.   Ensure that you write in clean and well structured English at all times
b.   Do not use "text message" type abbreviations
c.   Do not post unnecessary vulgarities or obscenities
d.   Do not SHOUT unnecessarily
e.   Use meaningful subject headings when creating new forum posts so that the reader knows exactly what to expect within
f.   If you want to reference a service provider's profile then make sure to post a link to the website, if one exists
g.   Do not link to or refer to other punting related forums without permission from the site leaders
4.   Advertising and promotion
a.   This site does not support male escorts or ladies working with their male partners
b.   Service providers must restrict their promotional posts to the "Adverts and special offers" section of the forum - please contact an Administrator for more information on advertising
c.   Service providers must not initiate advertising via the private messaging system
5.   Reports
a.   Each report must represent the direct experience of the forum member who submitted it and it must detail an individual session with an individual lady on a specified date - and not a composite report referencing a series of visitations or sessions involving multiple ladies.
b.   Reports must contain sufficient objective detail to allow the reader to understand exactly what happened during the session, including all services received for the price and duration - a report should NOT read like a tick list, a summary or a testimonial - say it all or say nothing at all.
c.   If a member has acheived familiarity with a lady and receives unadvertised services, preferrable rates, significant overstays - or other such liberties that others would not usually receive - then he should not attempt to publish a report.
6.   Information Content
a.   The site owners have copyright of all textual material and artwork hosted within, unless otherwise specified
b.   The site owners have the right to modify and delete any content on this site at any time
c.   The site owners take no liability or responsibility for any information posted by a third-party
d.   We will not delete forum posts on request
e.   We will not delete reports, even when a given service provider has ceased to operate or the report author has left the site