Explanation of the WYSG scoring system
On the WYSG, we use a unique scoring system which we have developed and perfected over many years. For each report submitted, a panel of experienced WYSG members examines and validates the content, before voting on what score they believe the report should receive. During this process, they will rely on as much evidence as they can obtain, including the details given by the report author, private gallery photos, previous reports or experiences and anything else which enables them to draw conclusions. This process works extremely well and helps us to weed out fake, sparse or badly written reports, as well as achieving a fair and balanced score.
Types of Service Provider
All reports on the WYSG, belong to one of the following categories:
Massage Parlour   A business which has a name, publishable address, regular opening hours and employs multiple ladies who provide a full range of sexual services with a uniform and openly advertised price structure.
Escort Agency   A business which acts as an agent representing multiple ladies, each of which provide a full range of sexual services at one or more private addresses
Adultwork Escort   A lady who works alone and advertises her availability on Adultwork
Massage with Extras   A business which operates as a legitimate massage parlour and therefore has a publishable name and address and employs (almosty always oriental) ladies who offer a quality massge and a range of basic or negotiable sexual services
For the WYSG Leaderboards, we average out all of the reports for a given Adultwork escort, massage parlour, escort agency or massage with extras premises to work out their ranked position. A service provider must have at least two reports to get a score - and we average up to their last five reports, to work out their Leaderboard ranking.

Adultwork escorts have responsibility for their own overall score averages, whereas massage parlours, escort agencies and massage with extras premises obtain their overall score averages from the average of the scores of the ladies working for them. We adopted this approach because we believe that a good parlour or agency should attract and maintain a quality rota of ladies. By doing so, they will minimise the chance of negative reports which, because of score averaging, would subsequently reduce their overall Leaderboard position. Therefore, the scoring system encourages parlours and agencies to remove the poor performing ladies and recruit and retain the better looking, higher performers. In our experience, far too many parlours and agencies do not exercise quality control when recruiting staff and this quite rightly reflects in their reports and Leaderboard positions.
Scoring Breakdown
60% of the total score represents the quality of the service. To score well, the lady should remain totally focused from start to finish, she should do everything with passion and enthusiasm, demonstrating professionalism throughout and never wasting any time with delays, gimmicks or diversion tactics. Ladies who demonstrate a dislike for the work and / or the client, have an attitude, who rush the session, limit their services, cut it short, minimise client contact or waste time, etc., will score poorly here. We also take into account the logistics of the session including the communication, the booking process, the accessiblity of the premises, the hospitality and so forth.      

30% of the total score relates to the appearance of the lady. To score well, a lady will need to have immaculate presentation and grooming and an extremely attractive face and body. We do not directly discriminate against older and / or larger ladies, although they will usually score significantly less for appearance due to the undesirable physical characteristics associated with age and weight problems.

10% of the total score relates to the hourly rate that the lady used. To score full marks here, the lady must average an hourly rate of £90 or less. As the hourly rate increases, the score in this category reduces, all of the way up to and above £200 an hour, for which the lady will score nothing.
Services provided
The services received during a session do not directly impact the score, although the quality of the delivery of these services and the enthusiasm to perform them (or reluctance not to) will have an influence.

  The lady gives the client mouth to mouth kissing throughout the session, using her lips and/or tongue
Oral With
  The lady gives the client oral sex whilst using a condom
Oral Without
  The lady gives the client oral sex without using a condom
Come in Mouth
  The lady allows the client to fully ejaculate in her mouth after performing oral sex on him without using a condom
  The lady swallows all of the client's semen after he has ejaculated in her mouth
Reverse Oral
  The lady allows the client to give her oral sex
  The lady allows the client to insert fingers into her vagina
  The lady and the client have penetrative vaginal sex
  The lady and the client have penetrative anal sex
  The lady licks the anus of the client