Swinging Clubs
A Swinging Club as a premises where consenting adults can meet, flirt, socialise and sexually play with one another. The swinging industry generally targets couples, as opposed to single men and women, although plenty of the latter do enjoy the swinging scene and frequent swinging clubs and private meetings. The swinging scene does differ quite substantially from the punting scene - see below for more details.

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  Adam and Eves    
Greater Manchester
0161 789500
Greater Manchester
0161 7948877
Greater Manchester
01706 550959
  Infusion Blackpool    
01253 749939
  La Chambre    
South Yorkshire
01246 819266
  Legs 800    
Greater London
020 8558 1331
  Liberty Elite    
01455 552237
  New Liaisons Club    
Greater Manchester
01706 527786
West Yorkshire
07968 726051
Greater Manchester
0161 7637440
West Yorkshire
0113 2713013
  Rio's Health Spa    
Greater London
0207485 0607
  The After Eight Club    
City of Edinburgh
0131 2210282
  The Annex    
  The Attic    
01332 205018
  The Gatehouse  
Greater Manchester
077581 51102
  The No3 Club    
07835 870772
  The Paradise Spa    
0208 598 8575
07788 624850
Notes concerning Swinging Clubs
Not unlike Massage Parlours, Swinging Clubs usually tend to exist in either industrial areas or less-than-affluent neighbourhoods. Whilst some do open during the day (often for gay or fetish type events), most get busiest during the night - particularly on weekends. They almost always have an entrance fee, often charging more for single men than they do for couples or single women. Many clubs also limit the number of single men allowed in on any given night as some single men can present themselves as a nuisance, following couples around and getting in the way.

Some clubs do require that new members register with them and may request a small registration fee and the completion of a form along with the presentation of some identification, such as a passport or driving liense. On arrival, guests pay the entrance fee, which usually includes the use of a locker to keep their valuables in. Most clubs allow their guests to walk around fully clothed and to socialise without necessarily getting undressed - whilst other clubs insist on their guests "dressing down" as soon as they arrive. For men, this usually means walking around in either their underwear and / or a towel, whereas ladies tend to wear lingerie.

Most clubs have a bar area which either has a license to serve drinks, or which allows guests to bring their own drinks and then serves them back to them, sometimes with a "corkage" fee per drink. Any "bill" that accumulates then tends to get charged to the locker key number, which guests must show at the bar when buying drinks - and this bill then gets settled at the end of the night when they leave the club.

As well as a communal bar and lounge(s), Swinging Clubs have numerous "play rooms" which people can use and these usually consist of rubber coated matresses, sometimes with sheets. Some rooms are designed to be private and loackable, whereas others are more open and encourage group activities and vouyerism. Some clubs have gimmicks such as pitch dark rooms, glory holes, water beds and even dungeons with bongage equipment and other fetish paraphernalia. Most clubs have a Jacuzzi / hot tub where people can relax and chat and sexual activity is usually not allowed in this location. Some clubs also have small swimming pools and do allow sexual activity to occur in them. Clubs often have "theme nights" where they may expect their members to dress up or behave in a particular fashion. Sometimes a theme might centre around larger ladies, black men, bisexuals, gays or other specialist groups.

The swinging and punting industries differ considerably. When punting, the customer can choose exactly which lady he wants, he can choose to meet her at a time and place of his preference, he can do with her what he pleases (within the obvious constraints of what she allows) and he knows (or hopes) that she will have cleaned herself thoroughly between clients. Furthermore, he gets the lady to himself and knows that he has her undivided attention for the duration of the session. When swinging, almost the entire opposite applies and a punter visiting a swinging club is likely to come away confused and disappointed - unless he has low expectations or standards.

Swinging clubs, unfortuantely, tend to attract a lot of larger, older and more "alternative" people who do not look after themselves and who seem to take a pride in their size and appearance - almost as if to say: "like me or leave me I'm proud of who I am". Many of the less attractive ladies strut around like Divas, knowing that despite their appearance, they still can have sex with men way above their league - or they can enjoy plenty of attention and flirting to boost their low self-esteem. With respect to personal hygeine, many ladies will spend the night drinking, socialising and generally sweating which means that by the time any action happens (typically people get to the playrooms around 11pm onwards), they may have developed "disco minge" and may smell rather unpleasant - furthermore, they may have already participated in sexual activity earlier in the evening - and given that most clubs don't have shower rooms (and most people don't shower between activities anyway) - ladies are likely to carry on them the scents and symptoms of previous sexual contact - as are any bedsheets in the rooms.

Obtaining a private one-on-one session with a lady in a swinging club can prove difficult and other couples will very often try to get involved which can result in some awkward and comical "group play" situations which can cause unpleasant man-on-man close contact. In short, if you prefer one-on-one contact with a clean and attractive lady of your choice and with no interruptions, then you are better off staying with punting. If you are open minded, not squeemish, not uncomfortable with close contact with other males and don't mind the sights, smells and artifacts of sex all around you - you might enjoy swinging clubs.

We do not accept reports of swinging clubs although we will happy take any feedback and add this to each club as part of a summary.

A Swinging Club must adhere to the following rules before we will list it:

    1. It must have a business name
    2. It must have a fully publishable address
    3. It must have a telephone number and/or website
    4. It must have published and regular opening hours